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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Kalo sempat, pergilah ke salah satu gedung yang lantainya banyak, trus cari elevator. Kalo ga ada elevator, ato ada tulisan “out of order” di depannya, cari gedung lainnya. Kalo dah nemu, tunggu di depan elevator sampe orang yg masuk rada banyak, trus ikutan masuk elevator. Kalo masih sedikit, apalagi cuma satu orang, dan berlainan jenis dengan kita, jangan masuk dulu. Ntar yg ketiga setan soalnya…hehe…
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Coming Soon…

This number, seven, is not my lucky number, because basically I don’t believe in any number that can give fortune to any people. But recently I realize that this number has been attracting my interest since the last couple of years. I started giving special attention on this number when I read Harry Potter that was published in seven series. As a muggle, I didn’t understand that seven is a special number in magical world. But Lord Voldermort did. It could be seen when he divided his soul into seven parts and then embedded them into seven different things which had historical story with him. And I think it’s not a coincident too when Rowling made Weasley has seven children, right?
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